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<dev />erybuddy.

de·vel·op·er: (dev) a person or thing that develops something. “a web developer”

eve·ry·bod·y: every person. “everybody can build websites”

bud·dy: a close friend. “they had become the best of buddies”

In a nutshell DeveryBuddy is a social internet community for all web developers to meet, share, and make new friends. it doesn’t matter if you’ve been building websites for the past decade or you just started today.


Our roots go way back to around 2002 when I (Daymon Hoag) caught the bug to do web design. Since then I’ve built and sold a few websites that were very profitable. 2013 brought a downturn in web development and it seemed there was no longer much of a profit to be made doing anything in web development. I nearly lost the desire to create websites all together because of it. Though the profit was all but gone, the love of building, designing, and configuring websites remained. That is why DeveryBuddy seemed like such a great idea. It is a way to share and practice what was learned over the years without financial gain and profits being the main driving factor. An opportunity to build a community and connect with others who simply love building websites.

How Website Salad Got Started
How Website Salad Got Started

So here it is. The very first blog post. Exciting times! Coffee Code & Content is the name of this blog which will feature articles, videos, reviews, tutorials, and even…



Informative and social. Have a look around the community and join in the fun!